Working Papers

Old But Gold: Historical Pathways and Path Dependence
With Diogo Baerlocher, Diego Firmino, Guilherme Lambais, and Eustaquio Reis.

Do Bigger Legislatures Lead to Bigger Government? Evidence from a Brazilian Municipal Council Reform Accepted at Economía Journal - Lacea
With Rodrigo Schneider

Early-Life Exposure to Malaria and Adult Mortality: Evidence from the Brazilian Eradication Campaign
With Diogo Baerlocher.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time: The Long-Run Effects of In-Utero Exposure to Malaria on Educational Attainment Economics and Human Biology, 2022, 44, 101092.

Fiscal shocks, the real exchange rate and the trade balance: some evidence for emerging economies.
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 2015, 15(2), 727-768.
With Diogo Baerlocher and Marcelo Eduardo Alves Silva.

In Portuguese

Analysis of Brazilian Exports: A Gravity-Based Estimate for the Grape Industry
Revista de Economia Agrícola, 2010 , 57(2), 81-98.
With Ecio de Farias Costa and Leonardo Ferraz Xavier.

The Unemployment-Inflation Trade-off: An Analysis of Transversality Conditions Applied to the Taylor Rule Revista de Economia Mackenzie, 2011, 9(2).
With T. Farias, F.R. de Moura, J. Júnior, and A. Melo.

Agricultural Production Efficiency in The São Francisco Valley Region, Brazil: score measurement and correlation factor analysis.
Revista de Economia Agrícola, 2016 , 63(2), 35-52. With Ecio de Farias Costa, Emanoel de Souza Barros, and Leonardo Ferraz Xavier.

Selected Work in Progress

From Stagnation to Growth: The Role of Expropriation Risk on the Fertility Transition.
With Diogo Baerlocher and Stephen L. Parente.